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The Gift

Baby is a God without consciousness.
Yes, my friends, most of us are Gods in the cyber body of a Dog. Laughter gives baby energy to become closer to God, crying in repentance makes baby less dog, converting "firewall rules" of a dog trained by fear into honest action without fear. Thus baby gains consciousness. Breathing is essential.
Sin is to consider yourself and others as dogs living by fear. Fear of people, of living. Fear of breaking the rules of a trained dog.
Tyrant – uncontrolled dog having idea “I am the most clever”, thus having desire to control others more weak ones by fear and yielding control to more powerful tyrants or dogmas. Money (and every other trash) is not a sin, it is a tool. Sin is to have fear of losing tools as a consequence of a dog fearing death. For a dog death is breaking of all rules, jumping into infinity. Children do not have fear, thus have no rules, but are not able to socialize and survive.
The purpose of father is to properly train and educate the child, be both the tyrant for the small tyrant and loving baby for the baby hidden in the dog.
The biggest fear of a dog is other dogs, the fear of losing social mask for a dog society in order to survive. This mask is called “personality”, complete set of firewall rules of a cyber dog body. It is useless to fight personality; personality is the only way to survive. But one has to convert the rules driven by fear into honest conscious action, thus saving energy consumed by fear. Saving energy improves health and enjoyment from life.
There’s no spiritual development in closed societies. Through our eyes the Creator sees our actions and deeds. We are all examiners to each other. In order to pass an examine one has to get rid of all demons from a body, all sets of firewall rules inherited with the cyber costume as survival plan programs included into operating system. For that one has to learn to live only giving and not having desire to have anything in return, and accept anything as a gift. That is the way of a warrior, the way of the one that learns to live properly without fear. For that one needs not to run away from people into monastery or nature, but to people. We are all mirrors to each other, examiners. If you see a dog in another man, it is you seeing a dog inside of you. You forgive dog and you forgive dog inside of you. You see god in another man, you see god inside of you.
Consider chakras to be network interfaces. Dogs and babies feel extremely well the mood of parents and all others they “love”, feel being connected. As many people love you, want to be like you, more you pass your way to the final exam. In the end you completely renounce yourself as a suicide and then you will be worthy to become a tool of a Creator, be connected directly to its consciousness, taking advantage of his consciousness and contributing to it. Be honest to the ones you love, always tell the truth looking directly in the eyes.
Fear of life itself weakens your root chakra. Fear of your sexuality weakens your sacral chakra. Fear of losing control by your disires weakens your solar plexus chakra. Fear of honesty weakens your heart chakra. Fear of telling the truth weakens your throat chakra. Fear of seeing the truth, looking in the eyes of other people weakens your brow chakra. Fear of understanding and lack of curiosity weakens your crown chakra. Happiness, loosing fear completely turns on pineal gland which connects both parts of a brain: a brain of a trained dog and a brain of a god. LSD does this artificially and weak personality will face its hidden fears, it will face itself from outside and consequence can be disastrous.
Our emotions are connected to our body, the connection is called psychosomatic. Get away from rules of a body, dance the Dance of Krishna. Practice Tai-chi, dance the Disco, do not fear your body.
Sauna with jumping into ice-cold water is a great gift! It is like baptizing, the breathing is essentially as in repentance.
Beer is an ally for those who seek each other. It makes communication longer and joyful.
Laughter with love will make you live longer. Walking instead of riding will make you live longer, consuming energy given by planet Earth, our mother. Sun is our father. But without crying you will not get consciousness of a God. Make people your kids, make the world your home, and always love your father – and you will get a reward from our common Father most people have no idea how great.


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